Annie Carter

Hayley Williams as Annie Carter

"Hollar! I'm Annie, Annie Louise Carter. People just call me Annie! Last time I checked I'm 16 and Female, one sec...yep, definately a girl! I like the guys, and I am 100% Original! Yes, there's no one like me! Oh, and I turned sixteen on April the 3rd. Why didn't I get a present?! RAWR! I'm a lion! I call Gryffindor house my home, GO GO GRYFFINDOR! I attend Hogwarts, duh! I am a Pure blood, there's magic both sides of me! My wand is 11 inches long and made of Willow. At it's core is Unicorn Hair, pretty cool, huh? It's the best wand out there in my opinion!"


"I stand at 5'2, but don't call me shorty! I honestly dont like it! My eye's are the pretty green color they have always been, and my hair is fire red. I do have some blonde in it, but it's not natural! I don't keep track of my weight, Scales do not like me!"


"So I love being a Gryffie, it's the best house in the history of houses! I love flying, it's so much fun! And Potions is pretty cool, I'm not to bad at that subject! I love to draw, I've been told I'm good at it! I also love Penguins. Is that odd? I'm pretty good at flying too, or so I've been told! I don't like Slytherins, at all. I also dislike homework, divination sucks, and I suck at it! I'm not very good at being calm, my temper takes over! I'm not great at History of Magic either, it's boring! I dislike both of those topics anyway, so it doesn't really matter! I'm scared of Spiders, but don't tell anyone! And My secret is that I'm not as dumb as I make out, I'm actually really smart!"


"Me? I was born on the 3rd April to my parents, Ana Carter and James Carter. Both are pure blooded, and so am I! My grandma took care of me for a few years when I was younger, cause my parents wanted to go off and travel, and I couldn't be with them because I was so young! My mom's a nurse at St Mungo's and my dad workes at the Ministry, some minor role that he doesn't really talk about. I don't really ask, it's his buisness! I'm an only child, so no siblings for me! I get on with my parents great, and my gran used to be so close to me until she died. I was torn up about that, but you move on with time. Right now I'm living in this little cottage in Godrics Hollow. We used to live in this pretty little Muggle place, Stratford Upon Avon, but we moved to a more magical place a few years ago. When I got my letter we were all really happy, and even more so when I was sorted into Gryffindor, as it was the house they used to be in, and where they met!"


James CarterEdit

James is Annie's father.

Ana CarterEdit

Ana is Annie's mother.


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